November 8, 2016

Submit A Product Proposal

Thank you for your interest in writing with 228 Publishers!

We publish books and retreat materials that encourage and equip Jesus followers to grow deeper spiritually, apply God’s Word to their lives, and lead well.

We review every proposal we receive, and we work with authors to ensure that their ideas are compatible with the 228 Publishers mission statement and that those ideas are directed toward the best possible formatting choice(s).

The guidelines outlined below will give you an idea of exactly what information you need to include in your proposal. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider incomplete proposals.

Once your proposal is ready, just send it via email to Our team will respond to your proposal within 10 business days.

We are so honored to share in the Great Commission with you – thanks again for considering us as a partner in your writing ministry!


The 228 Publishers Team

A complete product proposal will include the following information:

Please use Times New Roman font, size 12, single spaced in your proposal. 

Author Bio(s) – half to a full page per author

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number (and if you text)
  • Social media activity, personal blog, and/or website
  • Current employment position
  • Education and ministry background
  • Previous publications and/or writing for websites, magazines, etc., if applicable
  • Life-to-date sales, if applicable
  • Qualifications for this project/product
  • Your marketing opportunities – describe potential marketing channels to which you have access, key contacts you have, your speaking schedule, etc.

Product Information

  • Product description
    • 1-3 paragraphs giving an overview of the proposed product
  • Product details
    • Estimated number of words
    • How long it will take to complete the product after a contract is signed
    • Include tentative title/subtitle, if it is part of a series, and any other pertinent info
    • One sentence hook
  • Product category
    • Print/Digital Books
      • Devotional
      • Leadership
      • Ministry strategy
      • Spiritual growth
      • Student
      • Children
      • Family
    • Curriculum
      • D-Now/Retreat/Camp
        • 3-session, 4-session, or 5-session
      • Bible study
        • Include number of sessions
  • Target Market
  • Table of Contents/Product Outline
    • Tentative chapter/session titles with a few sentences per chapter/session that capture that section’s theme
  • 1-2 sample chapters (if a book) or 1 sample session (if a curriculum)
  • Note: Our curriculums are specifically designed for retreats, camps, and small group settings. There should be a minimum of three sessions and a maximum of seven sessions for all curriculum submitted. 

Competitive Analysis

  • What are the competing titles and/or products? (Include titles and authors for reference.)
  • How will your product be different/superior?
  • What is the product’s unique contribution? (In other words, why does this product need to be available to people?)

Submit completed proposals to